seraphemera (seraphemera) wrote,

where the legacy of my life
is being put to the test of page
there are a string of stories
for which none have traveled the duration of tale

words that have been repeating in random orders
in circles ad infinitum dreaming of the page
are seeing the light of day
although all that was even asked
was the shine of a moon

words that have been set in stone
lifting from out the calcite trails
and asking for once last chance at rearrange
glow from the fires that held court
over the boulders holding feet
from falling toward the sea of a sky above

words that are bubbling under
all rushing toward the mouth
a few who are wise enough
to detour through fingertips
only final traces of those who do not wish
to meet the remains of the day
stay inside...

that we have made it this far
seems extraordinary
still wiling away without chance at explanation
with beginning middle end no support

thus we have, finally, passed the point of continuation
up next the battle to remain in motion
rather than gliding into momentum
(without even the slightest belief in inertia)
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