seraphemera (seraphemera) wrote,


this is the age of easily propagated lies

beamed across the planet in flick-instants
that do nothing but spawn debate
and distract those with illusory desire
into believing their belief will advance a cause

was there ever a utopia
when what was not truth
would combust the pages before they reached binding
the ink held fast
and would not print
the sheepskin
enough life remaining
to close the pores
so that no receipt of the deceit of man
could carry forth
after the liar had passed from the earth
and their students found someone new
to follow

in an age when nothing is to be believed
not even our eyes
what is it then that can determine
where to place our faith

(a momentary aside
turning forth from soliloquy
and breaking through the fourth wall -
in a rare occasion of definition
it seems necessary to make clear
that faith requires
religion or divinity
for validity)

fallen icons
you who have served so well
and guided the voices of countries
through eruptions of murder
we do not hold you in disdain for your meanings
for although we do not agree
we believe that what you spoke
was only meant for quiet corners
inner sanctums
tiny populations
that would not grow
to raze the earth

thus to you
expired icons
we lift a glass
and keep your lifelines burning
so that you may feel
the pain
not only of those dying by your extended hand
but that which comes from the bastardization
of your body and blood
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