seraphemera (seraphemera) wrote,

thread beget fringe beget cloth

the fur has been removed from the runway
and it has grown fashionable to go cold

in stories, angels do not always succeed
in tales, villains seem to win
in moments, we expect better moments to follow
without discipline, or dedication, or desire

is this the story-line that has been written
passed down from door to door
(generation to generation)
all foreshadow of hope to be false
all allusion to a better day an illusion
the predestined and preordained coming of a saviour
a delusion which precludes the fact that nothing
will dam the deluge of devils
(the anti-diluvean antichrists, eh?)

thus murder is a way of living
and theft is a way of life
and blindness is self-induced
so as to ignore the fact
all creatures rely on the same resources as you...

...and so you ask what keeps this pen flowing
the sword-sharp tongue training for battle
darkness hiding the pleading for understanding

why we, who are not religious
keep burning the flame of angels
who may or may not exist in the form my mind dreams

the answer is simple -
that there must be lineage of hope in this world
and unbroken line that may wind
to infinitely fine
but is woven from the twine
of something well beyond the convergences
of time, life, and mind
and thus is stronger
than any blade you can find

if all it took to heal the world were a touch of your hand
would you absolve your enemies and grant them peace?

we are the bearers
of the last threads of purest hope

all are welcome to entwine
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