June 19th, 2005

we live in so little experience

there are those who wish to whisper
sweetly and we lend an ear
willingly tossed readily
into the tease of the lips
which brush flesh in a manner
unable to be proven as accidentally
or otherwise

although i do not hold to be caught
up in the meaning of the action
that the contact surely occurred
is pointed enough telling
to whisper back breaths
upon throats and lungs
and walls that the words provide
in the beginning

and while it is not so certain
that with resolve
a thimble of soup could not feed this army
what is really meant
is that the anxiety of the unsure nature
(whether to do or not to do)
has taken from the children
any chance to be

in an age of loneliness
someone is always willing to take you in
for all of the modern age are wanderers
and with some training of the eyes
an angel of good company

in the homes of hibernation
that are believed to be the sleep of the season
are nothing but holes
and the sleep of eternity and reason

(they asked the suicidal boy which apartment he wished to rent.
His response? "Not 2B.")