June 25th, 2005


there is no need for justification within the endeavors
of these few who venture out this evening
darting through the doorways
dodging snow or crowds or armies only they may see

these hooded figures pervade in tandem with the night
as last pairs of creatures heading toward an unfurled destiny
to save a species from some tired method of self destruction

these who are willing to forego
this communal stance on all matters extroverted
wrapped in a simple coat through to jointed knees
crowned in a felt that will transform into gold
when the nights shift northerly someday
hold their camaraderie close to the vest

entwined and much maligned do the solitary vie
for some look of longing that holds the same desperation
of those who do not have the freedom to enter the foyer
for freedom is but the foyer
and liberation insists
that the door must be opened, unlatched, unscreened
and left behind

please then give us this day the moon cast her shadow full
so those of us who sit within walls shrouded
by the contrast of light and darkness
might find our way from shallow ends

thus life a glass of what-have-you
to beginnings bountiful and blessed from inception to fruition
encompassing the complexities of walks that wander with purpose
finding places of rest marked not by signs, tail-lights or parking brakes
where cessation of movement is not considered an option
and destruction and death do not sit with their fingers intertwined
in the fortress of a childhood game

for anyone
left alone long enough
will begin to believe in an icon
as transient
as ours