seraphemera: diamonds to dust
Saturday, August 6th, 2005

Date:2005-08-06 11:35
Subject:penitence for a lack of presence

there isn’t all that much to learn about me -
i have not divested my portfolio of interests
so if i am to change my mind there is a goodbye which must be made
with the past and a change made for the future.

what is present is just a present from someone else,
wrapped up in the papers that will only be recycled
and have been so before -

i am dealing only in grams of presence
a substance that keeps you coming back only to yourself for more.

this high is one that keeps going up as long as you wish it to.

this high is not dealer dependant.

this high is not for profit

although it is from the land of a prophet, once tired, having rested, regains wings.


however this is not to say that:

present + present = presence

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