September 15th, 2007



this is the way of the world

or so they do tell
a they not yet met
a they that would bring out a worst in me
that does not need to be brought forth

turned over and around -
(as if being spun will dizzy me!)
we stumble
(our best impression of drunk
from all that we have seen drunk
for we have never been ourselves)

yet, lean close
a secret
when you spin
when they spin you
when you are being spun...
focus on the same spot
in the distance
a wall
a door
a bird sitting as your guide
through each revolution
your head remains clear
brain fooled into believing
stillness reigns inside

they will tire
their arms, legs, weary
(for you have not fallen)
it will be for them to recover
breathing heavy
worn down to the nub
for you, nothing but long ago, in bliss

and when it ceases
when the spinning is no more
you might even raise arms
in triumph -
you have been spun
right round (baby)
like a record?
yet you walk away
without trouble
an arrow

when shadow and light do fight
it is only due to the ignorance of shadow
for without light
there can be no shadow.


while i love the dark
i will never tell its story.
there are plenty who will.
we are here, to tell the story of light

good night