January 29th, 2012

Tad Caldwell and the Monster Kid

Seraphemera Books is excited and exhilarated to start off 2012 with:

Tad Caldwell and the Monster Kid

Written by Kurt Amacker Illustrated by Karl Slominski

The year is 1989, and Nathan and friends are having another night sitting around throwing old horror movies into the VCR. Except this VHS tape, is different. With no label and no title, the grainy video looks like one more no-budget shocker--a wannabe snuff flick shot on video and sold on the black market. But, Nathan realizes the tape may be more real than he thought, when he sees himself yelling out a name...

“Tad Caldwell!”

Determined to understand the horrifying video, Nathan learns that Tad Caldwell is an elderly science-fiction writer whose son disappeared 20 years earlier under mysterious circumstances. For two decades, Caldwell has claimed that a UFO took the boy in exchange for knowledge of their forbidden science. He poured what he learned into his final book--a cult bible of extraterrestrial lore called The First Revelation.

Nathan searches for the reclusive Tad Caldwell, learning along the way that the truth often has many sides...

That there may be more to Tad Caldwell than a man who believes his fiction is science...
And, that the tales about Tad Caldwell aren’t even close to telling the entire story.


Kurt Amacker is also the author of Immortal:60 and Dead Souls - about which Alan Moore proclaimed, “Even with Eastern European heavy- hitters Vlad Tepes, and Erzsebet Bathory as the deathless vigilantes of the title, the main character that emerges through this narrative is that of New Orleans herself - a Gothic beauty who moves to the rhythms of trad jazz, wearing her bruises and bereavements, her steamy history, and her wild voodoo nights with pride, with passion. A fascinating debut that delivers much and promises a great deal more.”